"Rotsler's religion is the joy of life"
- Robert Silverberg

"...a genius and a remarkably gifted talent dealing in evocative symbolism"
- Robert Bloch

"To say Bill Rotsler is a remarkable man is a sad bottom-line indeed; inadequate"
- Harlan Ellison

"...amazing and a great talent"
- Stan Freberg

"Bill" By Any Other Name

A few folks have asked questions about the name of this tribute site ... as well as the URL we have used. 

Even though legally born Charles William Rotsler (in 1926), in all the wide-ranging communities and interests he enjoyed – photographer, cartoonist, illustrator, sculptor, adult filmmaker, novelist, short story author, fanzine editor, beloved science fiction fan and so much more – he always referred to himself as William Rotsler. 

It is to reflect this, and the wishes of his estate and family, that we refer to him as William Rotsler ... or fondly as Bill to so many.

The reason the URL we have chosen www.williamcharlesrotsler.com for this celebration of Bill's life and work is because there is already an excellent site at www.williamrotsler.com, and because he occasionally referred to himself as William Charles Rotsler. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite anyone who knew Bill to contribute their photos, artwork, stories, reminiscences, and anything else they'd like to share to help us keep the memory of this brilliant, charming, and so full-of-life friend to so many alive. 

If you have anything to share, please write us at m.christian@digitalparchmentservices.com. 

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