"Rotsler's religion is the joy of life"
- Robert Silverberg

"...a genius and a remarkably gifted talent dealing in evocative symbolism"
- Robert Bloch

"To say Bill Rotsler is a remarkable man is a sad bottom-line indeed; inadequate"
- Harlan Ellison

"...amazing and a great talent"
- Stan Freberg

The Books Of William Rotsler (A Work In Progress)

Here's a work-in progress list covering the phenomenal number of books that William Rostler wrote in his career.



Patron of the Arts
To The Land of the Electric Angel
The Far Frontier 
Science Fictionisms (Editor)
The Zandra Trilogy:
1. Zandra
2. The Hidden Worlds of Zandra


Inside the Golden Age of Erotic Cinema Trilogy:
1. Contemporary Erotic Cinema
2. Girls Who Do Stag Movies
3. Superstud: Men who Do Stag Movies
All About Swinging
Super Tongue


Shiva Descending


1. Grease 2
2. Iron Man: And Call My Killer...MODOK!
3. Doctor Strange: Nightmare
4. Star Trek III: The Vulcan Treasure
5. Star Trek II Short Stories
6. Star Trek III Short Stories
7. Star Trek II: Distress Call
8. Star Trek II Biographies
9. A-Team: Defense against terror
10. Vice Squad [movie tie-in]
11. Arachnophobia: Official Movie Adaptation
12. Staying Alive [sequel to Saturday Night Fever]
13. Shipwrecked [movie tie in]
14. Secrets (Joanie Loves Chachi, Book 1)
15. Arachnophobia
16. The Pirate Movie
17. Mr. Merlin, Episode 2: An Original Novel
18. Maui Mystery: A Magnum, P.I. Plot Your Own Adventure Based on the Television Series
19. Mr. Merlin, Episode 1
20. The Love Boat #1: Voyage of Love
21. The Goonies
22. Mr. Merlin, Episode 2: An Original Novel
23. The Goonies
24. Maui Mystery: A Magnum, P.I. Plot Your Own Adventure
25. Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger [as by John Ryder Hall]
26. Blackhawk
27. Futureworld [as by John Ryder Hall]

Return to the Planet of the Ape:
1. Visions From Nowhere [as by William Arrow]
2. Man, the Hunted Animal [as by William Arrow]

Tom Swift:
1. The City in the Stars (1981) with Sharman DiVono [only as by Victor Appleton]
2. Terror on the Moons of Jupiter (1981) with Sharman DiVono [only as by Victor Appleton]
3. The Alien Probe (1981) with Sharman DiVono [only as by Victor Appleton]
4. War in Outer Space (1981) with Sharman DiVono [only as by Victor Appleton]
5. The Astral Fortress (1982) with Sharman DiVono [only as by Victor Appleton]
6. The Rescue Mission (1982) with Sharman DiVono [only as by Victor Appleton]\

Read 5 Time Hugo Winner William Rotsler's Patron Of The Arts ($2.99 - Free on Amazon Unlimited) and The Far Frontier ($2.99)


In addition to his own novel, Patron of the Arts, based on his Nebula and Hugo finalist novelette, and his Zandra trilogy, William Rotsler wrote a number of books based on motion pictures and television shows, including Iron Man, Planet of the Apes, Futureworld, and Star Trek.

In this 3-part series, we take a look at books set in the Star Trek universe. The first part focuses on the two books of short stories he authored, one set in the universe of Wrath of Khan and the other in the universe of The Search for Spock. Below are the original blurbs and contents pages of each book.


Travel with your favorite Star Trek II characters into six new and original short stories written especially for you!  Join James T. Kirk in "The Blaze of Glory" as he struggles to avoid galactic war with the Klingon Captain Kang. In "Under Twin Moons" Lieutenant Uhura finds an unusual way to relax from starship duty. In "Wild Card" an unknown enemy threatens the very existence of the Enterprise and its crew. In "The Secret Empire" incredible creatures struggle for their freedom over slavery; while in "Intelligence Test" Chekov fights for his life. And join the entire crew in "To Wherever" -- a place from which they may never return. 

A treasure trove of adventure for all Star Trek fans! 

The Blaze of Glory
Under Twin Moons
Wild Card
The Secret Empire
Intelligence Test
To Wherever


Travel with your favorite Star Trek III characters into five new and original short stories. Join the Enterprise crew as they take their crippled starship into orbit around Azphari, where they meet the strange and dangerously curious people of that planet in "The Azphari Enigma." Go with Lieutenant Commander Uhura to her home in the United States of Africa where she finds her past and present colliding in a life-and-death struggle in "The Jungles of Memory." And on the drab and frozen planet of Osler, meet 7-year-old Pandora, sole survivor of an experiment gone wrong, a child with powers and the willingness to use them to protect her privacy and the secret she must hide in "As Old As Forever." These stories and more will thrill and enthrall all Star Trek fans!

The Azphari Enigma
The Jungles of Memory
A Vulcan, A Klingon, and an Angel
World's End
As Old as Forever

And watch for the new edition of WILLIAM ROTSLER'S own science fiction novel PATRON OF THE ARTS, coming this Fall from Digital Parchment Services' Strange Particle Press, distributed by FuturesPast Editions.

William Rotsler's Wire Sculptures

While a lot of folks know about William Rotsler's beautiful artwork that's used for the Nebula Awards (as well as for the work in front of the Los Angeles Police Headquarters) he also did some amazing wire sculptures that he offered for sale through a printed catalog!

Click on this link to see a pdf of the catalog - but here are some nice images from it as well (from Williamrotsler.com)

These scans come from the collection of Robert Lichtman - to whom we are very grateful!