"Rotsler's religion is the joy of life"
- Robert Silverberg

"...a genius and a remarkably gifted talent dealing in evocative symbolism"
- Robert Bloch

"To say Bill Rotsler is a remarkable man is a sad bottom-line indeed; inadequate"
- Harlan Ellison

"...amazing and a great talent"
- Stan Freberg

William Rotsler's Wire Sculptures

While a lot of folks know about William Rotsler's beautiful artwork that's used for the Nebula Awards (as well as for the work in front of the Los Angeles Police Headquarters) he also did some amazing wire sculptures that he offered for sale through a printed catalog!

Click on this link to see a pdf of the catalog - but here are some nice images from it as well (from Williamrotsler.com)

These scans come from the collection of Robert Lichtman - to whom we are very grateful!

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